By Andrew Scott 

        Welcome to my first section of MY 2 CENTS at The Squared Circle.  My name is Andrew Scott and I hope you enjoy my OPINIONS (that's all it is) on the wrestling world.  There is a couple of things that I need to say before I start.  First of all, as I just stated, this is strictly an opinion column; nothing more, nothing less.  Second, I will just come out and say this, I AM A WWF MARK (hence the name of the title of this page).  I am working hard to try not to be biased towards WCW, but WCW just hasn't done anything to prove to me that they are legit.  Ok, I better get into this before I say everything in the first paragraph, and we don't want that...so on to the column!

        WCW, World's Crappiest Wrestling, that's what it is called nowadays.  I remember back in the day when WCW tore up the wrestling scene.  I mean, come on, I grew up on WCW.  If I didn't get WCW Saturday night back in the late 80's, I don't think that I would be as big of fan (or a fan at all).  WCW had everything going for it, it was king of the world.  Then, in the middle 90's, something happened, WCW started to fall...AND THEY FELL HARD!  They are still feeling the effects of the now dominate WWF.  But why is this, why does WCW suck?  Well, let me tell you how.  


        The backstage politics have been nothing short of atrocious, there is no order in WCW.  You have some of the best wrestlers in the business, but they don't want to wrestle, or they don't want to lose because their egos are as big as the fucking Good Year Blimp!  A good example of this is Terry "Hulk" Hogan.  Sure, he might be the greatest wrestler that the business has ever seen, but it means diddly poo if you have the best wrestler and he's booking his own matches so he can win the belt and never loose.  That's some GOOD politics if you ask me.  Also, the actual people in charge do a shitty job.  All of the people in charge made bad decisions on how the show was run.  They let the fans down by not listening to them.  Instead of listening to the fans to see how the WCW could be better, the company did the exact opposite.  And one more thing, copying ideas from other federations just doesn't work.  People watch different federations because they offer something different, a little variety.  A federation will lose fans when they copy ideas.  The fans can go watch the other federation because it's the same thing, plus the other federation does it better to begin with.  

        REASON #2:  TALENT

        WCW has had it's fair share of excellent talent.  But for some odd reason, they jump ship to the "other" federation excel.  Why is that?  For starters, WCW doesn't know what to do with all of it's talent.  A good example of this would be the wrestler that goes by the name of Y2J or CHRIS JERICHO.  Jericho is chock full of talent, wrestling and mic.  But WCW doesn't know what to do with him, so he slips out the door and goes to the WONDERFUL WWF and shines like the fucking sun!  Of course there are the others that went to the WWF and are kicking ass (Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and others).  Then there are the current WCW wrestlers that have all the talent in the world, but WCW won't push them if there life depended on it.  Booker T, one of the hardest working people in the business, has all of the talent any booker could want in a guy; but what does WCW do with Booker T?  Job the living hell out of him!!!  There are others in the WCW that have plenty of kick ass talent, but WCW won't give them the time of day.

        It's reasons like these (and others!) that have hurt WCW for the past few years, and in the years to come.  Maybe, just maybe, in the future, WCW will get it's head out off it's ass and realize that "HEY! WE SUCK!  LET'S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"  But until that time, WCW will still suck and will be continually smacked down like the little bitch that it is, by it's daddy, the WWF.