By Seth Miles 


Hanging from the huge tree,

 My body mangled.

 As they cut me down I feel trapped,

 Trapped between the way of light And the trail of darkness. 

This will be my eternity I chose to take my life.

 A life only half lived The stresses of life,

The unacceptence,

The drugs, my only salvation I lived in a life of darkness.

Only vaguely seeing light,

Nobody love me. 

And still nobody does.

All I wanted was acceptance and love, 

But all I found was loneliness and distrust. 

As they carry my youthful body away, 

They are thinking, what a waste of such a young boy. 

If only we knew, 

If only we cared, 

I needed love.

 I found sympathy instead.

For I died alone,

And alone I stay.....