My 2 Cents


By Andrew Scott


Bullying, lying, and using their opposition as their cash cow; are these the values of the PTC? WHY YES THEY ARE!!!

The Parents Television Council, or the PTC for short, is the group of people that has been bullying sponsors of WWFís SmackDown to drop their advertisements. Some of the sponsors that have been dropped are Coca-Cola, General Motors, McDonaldís, and many others. The latest sponsor to drop their ads was MCI Worldcom.

Now I know that most of you wrestling marks out there know most of this, but why has the BILLION DOLLAR companies drop their ads on one of the top prime time television shows? Itís all because of the PTC. The PTC believes that SmackDown is deemed inappropriate for children. That it is not right for "family time", when "families" should be watching innocent and carefree television. So the PTC then applies a bullying tactic on the company till they pull their ads so to support "quality" TV.

Now I donít know about everyone out there, but I only see ONE channel out there that can qualify for this so called "quality" television, and thatís ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! There is no "pure" TV out there. Hell, even Nick at Night has some violence. The PTC knows that all of this so called "violence" is out there in the TV world, but for some odd reason, the PTC only goes after SmackDown. Why is this? The PTC only goes after SmackDown because they know that their kids are watching it, and not what they want their kids to watch.

This whole PTC thing reminds me of the SOUTH PARK MOVIE. Where Kyleís mom goes and takes on TV and Canada because she disapproves of the dirty language that Terrence and Phillip use. The whole things blows up to be WWW III with Satan taking over the world. But all of the senseless violence is ok, just as long as there was no dirty language. The PTC is like Kyleís mom, who is trying to get rid of what she [The PTC] doesnít want, and thatís the dirty language [WWF SmackDown].

Ok, time to get back on track here.

But why does the PTC go after SmackDown and the WWF? Itís not like that the WWF is the PTCís meal ticket, OH WAIT! THEY ARE THE PTCís MEAL TICKET!!! The PTC is actually cashing in on the WWF. Like the report said earlier. The PTC receives money from varying organizations who support the PTC. And if you look on the PTC page, you will find a couple of the major toys retailers in the U.S., like Toyís R Us.

You might be asking yourself, "why does toys have to do with anything in this matter?"

Well hereís a little question for you. What is one of hottest brands that are being ripped of toy shelves? That would be toys made by THE WWF! Thatís right, the WWF. So in other words, when WWF toys go off the shelves, guess who is getting money for it? Thatís right the PTC!

Now how can the PTC live with themselves? They go around and shout out that violence is bad, professional wrestling is bad for our youth. But do they really mean it? I highly doubt it. They donít care what happens, just as long as they are getting their share from the WWF. I bet the PTC is full supporters of the WWF, but since they are supposed to be goody goodies, they have to do this so that they can continue to look good. I mean, come on, there spokesperson even appeared and received payment to show up at Wrestlemania back in the day.

So PTC, are bullying, lying, and cashing in on the opposition your values? You might not say that they are, but you show it.

Well, there you go, another MY 2 CENTS is in the record books. Peace in the middle east!