This page is dedicated to the great man that is ME!!!  It's just a little bit of info about my self.

Name:  Andrew Todd Scott

Age:  18

Height:  6'5''

Sex:  YES PLEASE!!!  Male

Sign:  Pisces

School Attending:  Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

Likes:  Women in Tight Clothes, Walks on the beach, Candlelight

        dinners, wrestling, sports, videogames, music, hot chics!!!

Dislikes:  People who don't use coasters, bad breath, stupid people (they

      should all die!)

Favorite Movies:  The Matrix, Fight Club, The Man Who Knew Too Little,

        Star Wars Series, James Bond, Tommy Boy.

Music:  Anything except country.  Anything from KoRn, Dave Mathews

        Band, and Tori Amos.