My 2 Cents


By Andrew Scott



FINALLY, I HAVE COME BACK TOÖ.damn! I did the repetitive rock phrase again! I promised that I wouldnít do it anymore. Oh well, but now, yours truly is back from the depths of hell, I mean, FAMILY VACATION. Those two words sends chills down my spine. But at least that I learned a valuable lesson on this trip. NEVER TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO HOOTERS! It is especially embarrassing, I try to look at all of the hot chicks that work at the Daytona hooterís, but NOOOO, my parents were there to prevent me from doing so (cause if I did I would have had a lecture, DAMN PARENTS!) Oh rats! I forgot, the column! Letís start before I ramble anymore!

While I was gone, the big news of the WWF leaving USA for the CBS company. RAW is WAR is now RAW is TNN. I have mixed feelings about this whole situation. For starters, TNN treated ECW like shit, no help what so ever. But now WWF is there, so I guess that they will just kiss a bunch of ass.

The way that it will work is that 3 shows will be on TNN (RAW is WAR, LiveWire, and Superstars if Iím not mistaken), SmackDown will remain on UPN, and HeAT will be on MTV. Now I think that CBS could have put these shows in a different arrangement. RAW is WAR should have been on MTV, because more people watch that channel to begin with, and also, you could get away with more risquť stuff. But ask yourself one question. What channel in the CBS/Viacom family has the most viewers nationwide? Why thatís CBS! I think CBS would be STUPID not to put it on their main channel. Hell, even people that donít have cable could view the wonders of Professional Wrestling, but CBS is to stupid to do that. I guess that they have this thing called "morals" or something, but it would give them a shit load of ratings.

Now that the WWF will be on TNN, what will happen to ECW? Oh, theyíve been shoved aside for the WWF. So now ECW is without television backing. I think that USA should pick them up and go ONE on ONE with the WWF and WCW in a Monday night grudge match, but thatís just my thinking.

Well thatís all for now. I will have more columns up soon, since Iím back from vacation. And very soon, I will have the new site up. It will have a new URL address. The design will be different, but yet the same (make sense? Good.) Later on everyone, and keep on rockin in the free world.