Kurt Angle:  Bain of the McMahon-Hemsley Era


By Andrew Scott


      The McMahon-Hemsley Era has been in control of the WWF since the Armageddon PPV Dec. 99, and as of 06/13/00, nothing has stopped them.  Sure The Rock has tried to, but he hasn't.  He keeps trying to form allies with other face wrestlers (all of the wwf wrestlers nowadays are faces), but that keeps backfiring.  Kane, "Badass" Undertaker keep feuding with Rocky, so nothing gets accomplished when the faction needs to be disbanded.  Hell, even Mick Foley tried to stand up the faction, but he was forced to retire (it was coming rather quickly anyway).  So who in there right mind will stand up the faction and succeed???  Now I know that The Rock is trying rather hard, but so far, he's failed.  From where I see it, there is only ONE man in the wwf that will disband the faction for good, even though he is not trying to do it on purpose.  That man....OUR OLYMPIC HERO KURT ANGLE!  Now you might be thinking to yourself, "how in the hell can he do that?  He's not even a main eventer."  Well, it's simple actually.   He won't REALLY split it up, that will all be from Stephanie McMahon-Hemsley.  Kurt and Steph are getting REALLY close now (especially is you saw RAW is WAR last night [06/12/00]), so I see two possible way that this could happen.  1)Kurt and Steph become so close to each other that Steph has an affair, therefore causing HHH to get so pissed that he takes his aggression out on the family (since this has happened already).  2)Same case as above, but without the affair.  HHH gets so aggravated at Angle that it causes him and Stephanie to get a divorce.   To sum it up, it would come down to HHH taking his aggression out on Angle, Steph backing Kurt and BAM! breakup of the faction that is the McMahon-Hemsley Era. 

     So there you have it.  The fall of the faction will be the cause of Kurt Angle mackin on Stephanie, then the rest will fall like dominos.  Of course though, there will always be the McMahon being heels (or faces if they feel like it) and DX being degenerates.