King of the Ring Predictions


By Andrew Scott


Well, it's that time again in the year for the King of the Ring tournament.  I'm hear to give you the low down on all of the matches on the card and how I think will win.  Let's look at the bracket....



The bracket looks good on paper, but hopefully it will be a good show.  I just have one question though.  Why in the hell put Angle and Jericho in the same bracket.  If I did the brackets, both of them would be on the opposite ends, so that they could have a chance to face each other at the finals, but oh well. 


--1st Round--

Kurt Angle vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Could be a good match, but I have a feeling (if you read my earlier post) Steph will be involved as much as she can to help Kurt advance.

Winner: Kurt Angle


Y2J Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Another good match, both men can perform, but Jericho will get the win, no questions about it.

Winner: Y2J


Crash Holly vs. Hardcore Holly

When these two guys fight, it's always funny.  But I only see Crash as the Hardcore Champ, nothing more.  Plus Hardcore is trying for that IC belt, so I see a bigger push for him.

Winner: Hardcore Holly


Bull vs. Perry Saturn

Bull is getting a big push right now, and Perry is in a funk right now.

Winner: Bull


Rikishi Phatu vs. Scotty Too Hottie

You might not believe me, but this is a tough one to call.  This could be the time that Rikishi breaks away from 2 Cool, or this could be the time when they split up 2 cool so that Sexay can be a heel and both members of 2 Cool go to the Lieghtweight Division.  All of these things could be a factor in the match, but I'm going to go with my gut. 

Winner: Rikishi Phatu


"The Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit vs. X-Pac

I can sum this one up in one letter, a syllable, and a word.  X-Pac SUCKS!

Winner: The Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit


Val Venis vs. Jeff Hardy

I think that since they have been jobbing the hell out of Jeff, he will pill out this one.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


"Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero vs. Chyna

Why would you book this match???  I have no clue either.  Eddie doesn't want his "Mamacita" mad at him.  He will lay down for Chyna (in more ways than one!)

Winner: Chyna


--Quater Finals--

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho

AAAHHH!!!! this one is mind boggling!  I see Jericho winning so that he can win the tourny to get his shot at the belt.  But I also see Angle winning so that the Faction will get broke up. DAMN!  This one is tough.   This match is going to make me or break me on this card.  But here it goes.....

Winner: Chris Jericho


Hardcore Holly vs. Bull

Like I said before, Bull is getting a push.

Winner: Bull


Rikishi vs. Chris Benoit

This will be a good match.  Raw power vs. pure skill.  Benoit already has a belt, so the BIG man will pull this one off.

Winner:  Rikishi


Jeff Hardy vs. Chyna

Another close one, but I think that it's time for Jeff to job again.

Winner: Chyna



Chris Jericho vs. Bull

Bull might be getting a push, but the push ends here.

Winner: Chris Jericho


Rikishi vs. Chyna

Chyna had a great run last year, same as this year, but her run for the gold will be stopped by the stink face!

Winner: Rikishi



Chris Jericho vs. Rikishi

Rikishi has come a long way, but he will be defeated by the WALLS OF JERICHO!!! 






There are certain stipulations to the match, if the rock, kane, or taker pin someone from the other time, they get a title shot at the next ppv, but if the faction wins, then the winner of the KOTR will get a title shot.  JERICHO IS GETTING HIS TITILE SHOT!!! And that's that. 

Winner: HHH/Shane/Vince


So there you have it, my predictions for the KOTR.  I hope I'm right!!!  Later on and ROCK ON!