My 2 Cents - Where have the heels gone?


By Andrew Scott


Welcome back to MY 2 CENTS. The wrestling column thatís devoted to what I, Mr. Andrew T. Scott thinks. So if you donít like what I have to say, TO BAD! You can always go check out what the "other" wrestling sites have to offer (mostly results, and news, just like all the sites out there), or you could keep on reading the column that has personality and attitude (and a sense of humor!). Now I know that I offer stuff that the other sites offer, but this site canít go on personality alone! Well, thatís enough rambling for now, ON TO THE COLUMN!

I would like to start off this column today by singing a little song. O WHERE, O WHERE COULD ALL THE WRESTLING HEELS BE? O WHERE, O WHERE CAN THEY BEEE??? Where in the hell have they gone? There is really no such thing as a "true" wrestling heel anymore in the WWF, the only exception to this rule, and that would be "The Game" HHH. If you can tell me another "true" heel out there, then congrates. (what? You think that Iím actually going to give you something? HA! I laugh at you if did.) Now donít get me wrong, there are heels out there, but they arenít "true" heels. Now what I mean by a "true" heel is that the wrestler is a true bad guy. The crowd constantly boo him and get chants going like "asshole", the people never like that wrestler at anytime of day, because the wrestler does what he does best, and thatís draw heat.

A good example of this is Kurt Angle. Angle is constantly get booed from the crowds, but yet they cheer for him. That is a sign of a "faced heel" (I just made it up, so just go with it.) A "faced heel" is a heel that is a bad guy, but is over with the crowd. This is why that the WWF has no "true" heels. The WWF has all of these "faced heels" that the WWF then turns them completely face. A prime example of this is The Dudley Boyz. When the Dudleyís first arrived in the WWF, the crowds completely hated them. I always saw signs that said "3D: Dose Damn Dudleyís". It was great, I thought that the WWF had a true heel tag team, boy was I wrong! Next thing you know, the crowd enjoys the Dudleyís putting people through tables, so they become faces. Other "faced heels" include Chris Benoit, DX, and Edge/Christian. Hell, even Shane and Vince can be faces!

What is this fed to do? With all of these faces around chasing after only ONE heel for the belt. Well, Iíll tell you what should be done. There are wrestlers out there that are WAY better when they are heels. The WWF needs to turn CHRIS JERICHO heel. I remember when he first came to the WWF (and before in Worldís Crappiest Wrestling, I mean WCW) he was absolutely fantastic. His mic skill are so much better, and he wrestles better when he is cocky. The WWF should add a couple of more heels to their roster, including Y2J. I love the Dudleyís as heels, and even THE PEOPLEíS CHAMP is the shit when he is heel (even though Iím a rock mark, making him might make his mic skills better, they are getting repetitive).

So there you go WWF, MAKE SOME MORE HEELS!!! It can make the show fresher and all around better.


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