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Rey's History

Rey's Statistics

Tha Most spectacular cruiserweight in WcW History. Rey Combines classic Lucha Libre with a modern look. Don't judge this champion-level grappler on his size alone. Rey's heart has allowed him to overcome both cruiserweights and giants alike. He debuted in Mexico at tha age of 16. Making him a pro 4 nearly a decade, even though he's still in his 20's. He wore a luchador-style mask, but lost it in a match in 98 with Konnan when Kevin Nash and Lex Luger d. them. He's won multible cruiserweight titles and 2 tag team belts with Konnan and Kidman. Strictly a cruiserweight competitor, Rey has amazed many by his style and being able to take on some of tha industries biggest stars. Beating Kevin Nash and Bam Bam Bigelow earned him tha name, "Giant Killer". A charter member of tha FA'z, Rey has remained in tha group through all its incarnations

WRESTLING STYLE: Catch him if you can, but most can't. Blazing speed and springboard leaps allow Rey to run circles around most opponents. Acrobatic attacks and stunning counter moves spring off tha ring ropes like an Olympic Diver. Fires off a relentless attack of high-risk maneuvers. An atomic charged wrestler who leaves opponents limp with his top rope Huracanrana. He's even been called tha best pound 4 pound wrestler in tha business

DID YOU KNOW? Rey resides in San Ysidro, speaks fluent spanish, Former resident of Mexico, is friends with Konnan, Eddie Guerrero, and Psychosis from his wrestling days in Mexico. Rey dubbed from tha Buck Wild Bunch. Has known Konnan since 12, has 11 tattoos, including his son's name, Dominik. Stays in aerobic condition by dancing to techno, hip hop, and playing basketball with his wife. Wears a silver cross in tha ring. Made pizzas before being in wrestling. Loves practical jokes. Wrestling hero was Ricky Steamboat. Appears as himself in Ready To Rumble. Was a guest on Regis and Kathie Lee, and MTV Spring Breakout. Mexican wrestling legend, Rey Mysterio, Sr. is actually his uncle. Rey has a tattoo of his mask on his shoulder. Used to do his school homework before matches in a locker room in Mexico. And was a 2 yr. veteran of the biz when he graduated high school.