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Konnan's History

Konnan's Statistics

His entrance to the wrestling profession stemmed from his first love, boxing. A member of the U.S. Navy boxing team, Konnan used his size and swiftness to make competitors beg 4 mercy. This combination and a penchant 4 bodybuilding led him to the ring in Mexico where he emerged as the #1 wrestler in AAA Lucha Libre. Wrestled as Konnan El Barbaro in early wrestling years, before dropping The Barbarian, to be just Konnan. He wore a mask early in his career, but lost it in a match with Perry Aguayo. Came to WcW from ECW in 1996 as part of the Luchodore Invasion. Won the U.S. title from One Man Gang at SuperBrawl in Feb. 96, which he held 4 several mos. before losing it to Ric Flair at Bash At The Beach that July. Wrestled as part of the nWo, then the nWo WorlfPac. Defeated Chris Jericho to become tv champ, a title he later lost to Big Poppa Pump. He's Currently a member of the Filthy Animals

Born in Cuba, and raised in Miami. Konnan's fiery background makes him a force to reckon with in tha ring. Background as boxer and bodybuilder accounts with brute strength, which he uses to intimidate his opponents. Background as a Luchadore in Mexico, he mixes strength with an arsenal of high flying moves

Konnan was an actor in Mexico performing in commercials and soap operas. He was a member of the legendary group, Los Gringos Locos, which included Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr, and Louie Spicolli. HE wrestled briefly for the wwf as tha Masked Max Moon. There was a midget wrestler after him called Micro Konnan. Put out a rap album when he was living in Mexico years ago, and toured tha country promoting it. Was 1 of tha most recognized celebrities in Mexico. Founded tha short lived Promo Azteca Company. Member of Tha Dungeon On Doom, nWo, nWo WolfPac, and now tha FA'z. Known 4 his partying style. Konnan now resides in San Diego.