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FA'z -- Filthy Animals

HISTORY:...--- Since tha groups debut in 99, Tha FA'z have played both hero and villian to WcW fans. But tha young grapplers have always focused on having fun and bringing chaos to tha promotion. Don't let their penchant for shenanigans fool you though. These talented wrestlers can get down right nasty. Although they'd been friends 4 years, tha animals formally aligned and started calling themselves Tha Filthy Animals in tha spring of 99. They became incredibly aggresive in tha fall of 99. Disbanded 4 a short time, they reunited in May 2000. Kidman rejoined them after Torrie left him for Shane Douglas. Their heavily involved in tha tag team scene and tha cruiserweight scene. Since tha animals joined they have had their ups and downs. As Disq0 and Juvi joined, Kidman left and they fell apart. Disq0 left, Juvi left with injury, and Kidman rejoined. Right now, tha animals have three members until Juvi's healthy. Tha current animals represent every facet of tha sports entertainment world. High-flying, classic mat wrestling, and raw strength. What differientiates tha animals is tha groups insistence on spectatular moves like tha Hurricanrana, and Broncobuster. Tha group continues to hang out on tha road. Now tha group has joined the new WcW as Kidman has already wrestled on WWF Programs such as Smackdown.