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Will's Letter About Roger

This is exclusive ONLY to Manning Madness and is not to be copied or used on any other web site!

Please, respect Will's privacy and good faith. What a great guy to do this for me/us! Thank you, Will so much for taking the time to write this! Good luck to you and where ever your life takes you!

"Working with Roger was an absolute pleasure. He was always prepared considerate professional. Popular with the crew (which is the real litmus test) He had a great sense of humour - never took himself too seriously."

"At that time the whole show was about him and he had 30-40 pages of dialogue a day 4-5 days a week. All of that generates a lot of pressure but he never complained and always had great focus."

"My greatest regret was that we never got to fulfill the very interesting plot line that was developing of the friendly yet fiercely competitive relationship between the two characters. Ian was the only real competition for Todd in Llanview. Such is the genius of JFP!!!!!!!!"

Will Kempe/Ian Armitage

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