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More Todd Wavs

Bite Me


Wish you a Merry Christmas

God loves us,Todd

You and Me, Nora

The Nanny

Baby's Crying

Dr. Spock

Merry Christmas,Nora

Is That A Way To Talk?

How Does It Feel?

But It Will Be Fun

It's a key.

They will all pay.

Get home safe,Honey Bear.

You sold me out!

Stop preaching at me!

This is Todd Manning

What's the matter, Connie...

Rabbit farm

My education

Okay man, you gotta get out of here


NEW WAVS ADDED 3-12-2000

In The Cold

Christmas and Joy

Deck the Halls

Hold Me Please

I'm Scaring You


I was nothing but a monster


Rebecca's Goodbye


I always was and always will be Todd Manning