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Once again this is ME and my Chow dog Leah aww isn't she cute?

yep this is my homepage it's quite crap cuz well I don't know how to make these very well so if u don't like it then BITE ME!
First off I hate backstabbin bitches! it annoys the piss outta me when people do that to eachother when they are suppose to be friends.
Well I Live in a crummy lil town w/ nothing and I mean NOTHING to do here so that's why,,,,
For fun I love to party! and hang out w/ fun people,and I love meetin new people cuz well I just do!
I would like to mention a few people I've met from off the net and that would be Munky_Puppet,Cutebabeee,kimmy,JamesMunkyShaffer,_BURn_,Grnfrg,Phoebe1, Slaytanic_Solider LimpBizquick (He's a hottie!!) MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PERSON I MET OFF THE NET WOULD HAVE TO BE FOLDED (JOEY I LUV U MAN!!!!!!!!!!!) Joey is a cool guy I don't care what anybody else says he's the coolest!!!!! RIGHT JOEY?!?!?!!?!? and I have to mention the people I just recently met and that would be Skitzopath and Mop THEY ARE COOL BUT STILL JOEY IS THE COOLEST GUY I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! and alot more people but I don't have the time to mention them all!
I'm a junior in high school and when I get outta high school I plan on goin to F.S.U cuz I wanna be a Marine Biologist (WHICH I HOPE I DO ACHIEVE MY CAREER) so everyone cross your fingers heh
I need to mention a few of my friends which are Andrea,Matt,Michelle dyer,and Michelle Day krystal,Lu (That's my girl!)I Kimmy,Jerry! and well there's more but to much to mention hope to have pictures of them on here some day once I learn to do more stuff on this thing!!!!
Well that was a start to my crummy page but I will learn to do more! And yes I know my pictures aren't workin at the moment I need to figure out why they aren't!! so until then calm it down! and just a few words of wisdom from the great LilPeeps!! don't let people get to ya!!!!!!
And thanks for comin to my page! and have a nice day or something!

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