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1) This site is a good site for techno loverz out there. You can also get free email to let everyone know yer a raver =)
2) I like this site cuz they got some kool ass chat roomz and message boardz, and some of their clothes are actually somewhat decent. They too, have free email =)
3) These kidz are down in Florida, and they are the sweetest kidz you will meet! They took care of my while I was vacationing and Florida. I love yew guyz!
4) This page is phukin great, if you like happyhardcore, click here. They have a bunch of Happycore, DrumnBass, and Hardcore mp3's for yer listening pleasure.
5) KoRn, the greatest band ever.
6) If you ever need to add some flava into a love/break up letter, let Cyrano do it fer ya. It's some funny shit.

Well hello there.. so you decided to come to my page.. ain*t that sum shit? Anyway, I know this page isn*t pimp yet, but having a pimp page takes werk. I*m lazy, so therefore, yer gonna have to wait till one day when I*m not. Enjoy!

Welp, I made handy dandy section with linx so you don*t get TOO bored.. so gimme some credit fer that much!

If yew like Sublime, go here~

Heres a dandy little section about me.

My ode to boyz!

Pics from UFO in Miami! *Check Em Out!*

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