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12,000 lb. HOT FARM STOCK

  1. Engine block must remain in the original location as located by the manufacturer.
  2. Stock transmission or manufacturers replacement and stock final drive housing or manufacturers replacement.
  3. OEM engine block cannot be modified externally, except for normal repair or mounting of fuel injector pump.
  4. All exhaust pipes must discharge vertically and be securely attached.
  5. OEM cylinder head required with a maximum of two valves per cylinder. NO overhead cams.
  6. Stock fuel for make and model of tractor. No nitrous or alcohol.
  7. One fuel pump or single fuel delivery system.
  8. Water injection is optional.
  9. Tractor must have wide front axles.
  10. Rear brakes are mandatory.
  11. Engines must be secured and held rigid in chassis.
  12. A deflection shield is required on both sides of all engines.
  13. Engine shields must extended rhw xomplete length of the block.
  14. Engine shield thickness min. 0.06 in. thick, alum. or steel.
  15. Tractors must have hood and grill in place as intended by the manufacturer.
  16. Sheet metal upgrade cannot cross manufacturers lines.
  17. Sheet metal to be stock length and in stock locations.
  18. Maximum 114 in. wheel base, unless originally produced with longer wheelbase, in which case stock length remains.
  19. Maximum 13 ft. from center of real wheel to forward most point.
  20. Fenders or tire shields required.
  21. Drawbar lengths are measured from the center of the rear whells to the point of the hook.
  22. Drawbar height 20 in max., length 18 in. max.
  23. Drawbars must be rigid with no movement allowed.
  24. Drawbars pivot pin must be in the same plane as the hitch point and parallel to the ground within 1 1/2 in. plus or minus.
  25. Maximum allowed angle is 20 degrees.
  26. A single turbo of a size not to exceed 3" in diameter measured at the front face of the compressor wheel, with one single air inlet. No additional openings in compressor housing outside the 3" inlet.
  27. Turbocharged engines must have 2 - 3/8" bolts in the vertical portion of the exhaust pipe. Bolts are to be installed 90 degrees to each other within 1" of each other.
  28. All turbos mounted outside the hood must be shielded.
  29. Clutches must be covered with a safety blanket from back face of bell housing to rear of engine.
  30. Safety blankets must have min. 6 straps, securely fastened.
  31. Flywheels recommended to meet SFI spec. 1.1 of SFI 1.2 steel plate or billet flywheel.
  32. 20.8 x 38 max ture limit.
  33. Cut tires optional.
  34. Any width rim allowed.
  35. Rear cast wheel hubs must have secondary support.
  36. Dual wheels not allowed.
  37. Weights must not interfere with drawbar, chain or hill switch.
  38. If weights fall off during pull, you will be disquailified.
  39. If weights fall alter you have been flagged to stop, measurement will be taken.
  40. Helmets and firesuits are required.
  41. Tractors must have working fire extinguisher.
  42. A securely installed lap belt with quick opening clasp is required.
  43. Tractors must be equipped with a deadman throttle.
  44. Kill switch must have a min. 2" diameter solid ring.
  45. Tractors must have rear stabilizer assembly:
    • Stabilizer to be a min of 32" from center of rear axle to rear most point
    • Min of 20" from outside one pad to the other.
    • Pads not to exceed 10" of ground.
    • Pads to be min 5" square.
    • Stabilizer assembly must support weight of tractor in the heavist class pulled.
  46. A Farm Stock Tractor may compete in this class without conforming to the Hot Farm Stock Safety Requirements as lon as the tractor remains at the stock RPM's.
  47. All general rules apply.

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