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  1. Maximum weight for truck and driver is 6200 lbs.
  2. Truck must have stock frame with original suspension in place. (i.e.-springs, shackles, hangers, and U-bolts) Suspension blocks and traction bars allowed.
  3. Truck body may be different than the fram if approved by the board. Truck frame shall designate make and model of truck. (133" WB max)
  4. Trick must have OEM production drivetrain. Dana 70 front and Dana 80 rear axles max. (1 ton max)
  5. Truck and engine must be of manufacture, block and heads must be cast iron. Heads nust bolt on without modification.
  6. The engine has a maxium limit of 406 cu. in. In small block compatition ONLY
  7. Truck must have stock frame with original suspension in place (i.e. springs shackles hangers & u-bolts) Suspension blocks and traction bars are allowed.
  8. Maximum engine size 482 cu. in.
  9. Engine must be in engine compartment, all engine components must fit behind the radiator in stock location and under stock hood.
  10. Truck must have all body components:fenders, hood, front doors, box floor. Flatbeds allowed, tilt front ends allowed. No fiberglass bodies, no tilt bodies.
  11. Tires must ve D.O.T. legal, no cutting or grooving, no dual wheels or chains. 10" wide rims max., with 1/2 track offset
  12. Engine must be naturally aspirated. Any single four barrel carb allowed with any intake manifold. (gasoline only)
  13. Open exhaust are allowed and must exit in the back, not up or out.
  14. Weight may be added to the front of the truck, weight or frame may not extend more than 60" from the centerline of the fron axle.
  15. Must have inner fenders or engine side shields.
  16. Factory made flatbeds allowed.
  17. Drawbar height is 26" max and must be rigid in all directions.
  18. Drawbar length is a min. 36% of the wheelbase, but must not exceed more that 12" from the rear of the truck.
  19. Front gas tank allowed, but not more than 60 degrees from the center of the front axle.
  20. Vehicle must have steel flywheels or flex plates.
  21. Scattershields required with block saver, all bolts in place. Automatics must use safety blanket.
  22. All trucks equipped with harmonic balancer shall be solid steel or shrouded with 1/4" steel shield 1" wide and 360 degrees around the balancer, water pump may be used. Shield must have 1/4" x 1" straps that will keep balancer from working forward.
  23. Kill switch with a 2" diameter ring required. It must break power to the ignition and electric fuel pump. The switch must be located approx. 12" above hitch.
  24. Reverse light required at the rear of the vehicle above the hitch and in the drivers compartment, both activated by the shift lever.
  25. Trucks must have safety glass or plexiglass in windshield and rear window.
  26. Rear axle bolt covers are required.
  27. All driveline U-joints are to be enclosed 360 degrees using 1/4" steel or 5/16" aluminum and must be a mininmum of 6" wide with a maximum of 2" clearance from the U-joint.
  28. Three loops per driveshaft, two piece shaft with carrier must have six loops.
  29. 360 degree driveshaft loops must be a min 3/4" wide x 1/4" steel. Maximum horizontal clearance 2", maximum vertical clearance 8".
  30. Vehicle with shaft between transmission and transfer case must be fully enclosed.
  31. There will be random pumping of engines based on class draw corresponding with calender day.
  32. All general rules apply.

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