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  1. Driver must have a valid drivers license.
  2. Driver must an approved safety helmet.
  3. Driver must wear a secured safety belt.
  4. If the driver is under the influence of drugs/alcohol, he/she will not be allowed to pull.
  5. Only track officials & driver are allowed on the track.
  6. ITPA guidelines followed for track conduct.
  7. No pit racing - 5mph maximum in pit area.
  8. Vehicle must have working brake to stop itself.
  9. Vehicle must have a minimum 2lb fire extinguisher accessible to the driver.
  10. No nitrous or nitro-fuels allowed.
  11. No fuel transport tanks allowed.
  12. If the track officials feel the vehicle in unsafe, it will not be allowed to pull.
  13. Disagreements are to be taken up with the board.
  14. Decisions of the board are FINAL.

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