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A *Brief* History of the Illiana Pullers Association Inc.

The I.P.A. has been up and running for about four years now. Started in the spring of 1997 It originally got its start in Cissna Park, Illinois when the American Legion decided to sponsor garden tractor pulls in the 1960's era. Full size tractor pulling was incorporated soon thereafter. One of the founding fathers, Art Downs from Pittwood Illinois, saw a need for 4x4 trucks to compete, and were added as a result. The I.P.A. is a "grassroots" type of organization that is supportive of the first time puller, and many members of the Illinois Tractor Pulling Association and the National Tractor Pulling Association. The IPA is self supportive from the membership dues and gate fees that are levied to pay for insurances, hook fees, and sled fees for an event. All are welcome to watch, or more preferable, to compete!

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