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14,000 lb. HOT FARM STOCK

  1. Chassis must conform with engine being entered. Chassis includes clutch, transmission and differential housing. Original hood and grill must be in place. Stcok wheelbase for make and model. Alterations to chassis directly above the hook point will be allowed to accomodate minimum 18" drawbar length rule (from center of rear wheels to the hook point.
  2. Engine must standard block and crankcase (or manufacturers replacement) for make and model being entered. Chassis must conform with engine being entered, no visible engine modifications. No headers allowed. Engines will be limited to a maximum of 100% of factory stock rpm's. No foot throttles allowed.
  3. Diesel fuel only, no water injection, intercoolers allowed. No aftercoolers allowed.
  4. P series pump will be allowed. Intake manifold modification on V8 cat engine will be allowed to moout p series pump. No hood modification allowed. Electric fuel pumps are allowed.
  5. Factory size turbo as per make and model from manufacturer or smaller. The inducer bore restricter on the compressor side of the turbo is limited to a maximum of 2.25" on all turbos and is to be secured (spot welded, set screws, etc.) in some manner. The inducer bore to be a maximum of 2" from the compressor wheel to the inner most part of additional air intake passages allowed. Any tractor not originally equipped with a turbo may add a turbo max of 3LM of TO4 equivalent.
  6. Factory stock mufflers with all baffles in place or exhaust pipe must have 2 - 3/8" grade 5 bolts in vertical portion of exhaust pipe. Bolts are to be installed 90 degrees to each other, within one inch of each other. Minimum height 12" above hood.
  7. Weights must be safely secured and must not extend rearward beyond rear tires. No weight frame may extend more than 24" beyond front of tractor.
  8. Must have factory seat and stock fenders.
  9. Wide front end for make and model.
  10. Pressed steel wheels allowed, no aluminum wheels.
  11. Tires - 18.4x42 or 20.8x38. If fluid is used - must be full to top of rim.
  12. This is a Farm Stock Class and should be presented as such. Radiator, fuel tank, water pump, fan and fan shroud, etc, should be in place as intended by the manufacturer.
  13. All general rules apply.

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