These are things that I have done just to prove my obsession for Sugar Ray.

One time my journalism teacher wanted us to write a paragraph on what would make us happy and my whole paragraph was about meeting Sugar Ray and Mark McGrath

One time in art we made calligraphy ppoems and mine was "All around the world stautes crumble for me, who knows how long I've loved you" and I also talke my friend into doing a lyric from Mean Machine

I have offered to pay people for Sugar Ray pics

I made a magnet in art that said "Megan loves Murphy"

One time my English teacher told us to write a story about a jungle and I gave each animal a Sugar Ray member's name

I made a collage in art of Sugar Ray pictures

I bought a glass turtle and its name is Murphy Stan Mark Rodney Craig Belvadeer but Sugar Ray for short and I made up stories about Sugar Ray and my turtle

My guinea pig's name is Mr. Mark (McGrath) (Sugar) Ray Belvadeer

I got 4 1/2 hours of sleep on a school night to tape 5 minutes of Sugar Ray on TV

I made this website

I have emailed Murphy at least 4 times

I belong to 19 Onelist Sugar Ray communities and I own 1 (SugarRayFreaks)

I bought 3 shirts for $25 a piece

I have at least 400 pics of them

My screenname is SugarRayFreak

I went to a concert August 14, 1999

I have 3 Sugar Ray video tapes from appearances on TV

Everywhere I go I have at least 1 group pic with me

I named 2 cardinals Sugar and Ray

I have had at least 7 dreams about them (My friends even have dreams about them cause that's all I talk about is Sugar Ray!)

I have put them on the background and the screensaver of my computer

I took my clipboard and put red tape and Sugar Ray pics on it. I used about 1 1/2 tapes of clear tape

I know every word to all their songs

I stayed up until 4:00am waiting for MTV or VH1 to play the Someday music video (they never did, but they did the next day)

I took my brother's Floored CD (which he told me not to and he's 6 years older than me) and I taped it on a tape one day while he was gone

I have both versions of Floored

I got down on my knees, in a store, in front of people, and begged my mom to buy Fathers Day (and she did)

I taped the whole American Music Awards just to get Sugar Ray presenting Favorite Soul R&B Band, Duo, or group

I have signed the SugarRayOnline Guestbook at least 4 times

I was the 16th person to sign the SugarRayOnline Guestbook

I taped a Sugar Ray cassette tape for my friend just to convince him they were cool (and still are)

I tried to teach my Furby how to say Sugar Ray but it always falls asleep

My email address is iluvsugarray@hotmail.com

I have went through 2 ink cartridges on Sugar Ray pics ans we've had our computer December 1998

I almost fell and broke my leg while dancing to and singing Sugar Ray

I know every move to their videos

I celebrate their birthdays

I bought 14:59 the day it came out and I was the first one to get it at On Cue (music store)

Some of my friends and I were going to sing Every Morning on kereoke but it started raining

I have spent more time on the computer looking up Sugar Ray than you will ever know

I dressed as Murphy at a Halloween school dance

My friend Angela and I were the only people dancing during Fly The first time they played it at a school dance in 3 years

Me and two friends of mine got on the roof of my house and were yelling Sugar Ray at people

Angela and I were playing in the water yelling Sugar Ray at people and they were staring at us

I brought my Sugar Ray video to a sleepover and made everybody watch it

I yelled Sugar Ray into a microphone in front of my whole school

I have 3 Sugar Ray shirts and I wear them as often as possible

I punched a kid in the stomach because he dropped my Sugar Ray movie case down some stairs

I actually CRIED at their concert and I never cry

I have to mention Sugar Ray at least once in every conversation

I am trying to make a game called Sugar Ray but so far, no luck

When I get my new dog I'm gonna name it Murphy no matter what it is

I got an email from FANatic telling me I should try out for the FANatic last year but I was too young

I'm planning on sending in a tape for FANatic this year even though I'm still too young

I watched "No Cerveza, No Trabajo" 8 times in 1 day

I went through hell trying to get "No Cerveza, No Trabajo"

I have to hear them at least once every 24 hours or I will get grumpy

my email addresses...

I'm building a clubhouse and when I get paint I'm gonna paint Sugar Ray in big letters on the outside

I freaked out cause I missed Sugar Ray on Jay Leno but then I stayed up until 2:00am a week later and taped it.

I worry about them cause they live in California with all those hurricanes and stuff

I worry myself to death when I miss 1 TV appearance

At a school pep rally I wrote Sugar Ray and I (heart) Murphy on my face with purple marker

I chew people out big time when they say bad things about Sugar Ray

I sing Sugar Ray songs at school and make people want to kill me cause I get on their nerves

I have stayed online for 2 hours looking up Sugar Ray stuff

I am trying to talk my mom into letting me cut, spike, and put blotches of blonde in exactly like Mark's but she's not letting in, yet

My door is covered with Sugar Ray pics

I block out the whole world when I am doing something that has anything to do with Sugar Ray

When I sign people's yearbooks I always put I (heart) Murphy Megan

I used to write the time and date when I heard Sugar Ray on the radio but then I lost all of them and got mad and stopped

People at school say I stalk them through the Internet

They are the only thing that keeps me sane

I spread "Sugar Ray joy" to people (the new form of Santa Claus except Sugar Claus) by letting them see pictures ans singing

I lose it when people call Sugar Ray a "he"

I knew I loved them when I first heard them

I had 3 full hours of Sugar Ray work for this site on my computer and then all of a sudden it turned off and erased everything

I'm afraid to put pictures of them in my locker cause I might mess them up

I'm never afraid to say I love Sugar Ray (woah, I'm a poet and don't know it:)

I am anticipating their book, when it comes out I will read it in a day

I buy magazines with Sugar Ray pictures in them and then write fags over all the other people

I want a pair of Murphy's boxers

I have a teacher at school that calls me Sugar Ray

I emailed a TV show and thanked them for playing Sugar Ray

I have memorized everything about Sugar Ray that I can

I had the flu on day and I spent 6 hours on the net and did Sugar Ray stuff

At school we made these shirts and on the front of mine I wrote great big Megan (heart)s Murphy

I made a picture of Mark and it really looks like him

I screamed when Someday came on my friend's radio while we were driving down the road and freaked her mom out

I think, drink, and eat Sugar Ray

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Obsession or just a really big fan? You decide.

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