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How to Get Aeris' Great Gospel Limit Break

Everyone knows Aeris, the young, optimistic woman with beautiful emerald eyes and chestnut hair who takes everything with a smile. She's kind to all people and animals, and she has the ability to see the good in people. When she was killed by Sephiroth, many of us cried out for vengence, including Cloud. We had all grown so attached to Aeris and then she was taken away from us in a split-second. All of us thought that she and Cloud were meant to be together, that they had a bright future ahead of them. Even Cait Sith predicted that they were perfect for each other and that they showed a bright future. Now, it's hard for us to hear Aeris' theme without feeling a tear begin to go down our cheek. As Cloud said,
"My fingers are tingling, my mouth is dry, my eyes are burning."

We all felt the same way. When Sephiroth told Cloud of his plan, Cloud openly expressed his rage, telling him that nothing mattered.

"The cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing. Aeris is gone. Aeris will no longer laugh, cry, or get angry."

These words were very emotional, and they certainly struck a corde in me. While Sephiroth was still my favorite character, through and through, I still couldn't help a feeling of hatred I had for him the moment his sword slid into Aeris' spine.

But anyway, enough ranting. I just wanted to get that all off my chest. Now, let's get down to business. Aeris, like all the characters (with the exception of Cait Sith) had a Level 4 Limit Break. But, how do we have any hope of acquiring it if she dies? There was talk of an Aeris-resurrection process (see rumors for more info), which would enable you to continue on as normal and receive her Great Gospel Limit. But, there is another way to get it. It IS possible to get her Level 4 Limit Break in Disc 1. And I will explain it to you.

OK, first thing's first. Once you get out of Midgar and recieve the PHS, put Aeris in your party and equip her with armor and weapons that have a lot of Materia slots (for those of you who think that this will automatically make Aeris your date in the Gold Saucer, it won't). Loading her down with Materia is a good idea since she can make better use of it than anyone else in your party. Now equip her with the Long Range Materia and put her in the back rank. This will allow her to use physical strength if need be, while still protecting her in the back.

Once you have gotten Aeris' Seal Evil Limit Break, then whenever you get in fights, try to have Aeris deliver the killing blow.

Here is the strategy I used:

I played the game as usual. But once I got the Tiny Bronco, I went back to Nibelheim where the Buggy was left, Then I took the Buggy all the way to Costa del Sol where I paid 100 gil to get on the cargo ship. Once the ship was taken to Junon, you can take the Air Taxi out of Junon and then you'll end up on the world map, with the Buggy. Now go to the Sleeping Old Man who is found in a cave directly east of Junon. You will need to cross the river in order to reach him. He'll mumble out how many times you've fought, he'll mention something about Huge Materia, or he'll say how many times you've escaped. He will only wake up when the last two digits of the numbers of battles you have fought are the same. So for example, if he says you've fought 130 times, then go back outside and run around for a little bit until you've gotten into three fights, which will make it 133 battles. Then go back in and talk to him. He'll wake up and if you do this in Disc 1, he'll give you some Mythril. if you do it in Disc 2 or 3, however, you'll only get a Bolt Ring.

Now that you have the Mythril, it's time to boost Aeris' Limit Level. Your levels should be around the mid 30s, so you can easily defeat many of the monsters roaming around the continent. Whenever you need to rest, you can return to Fort Condor and rest for free. Also, if you really want to, you can even take on the Midgar Zolom. He's at Level 26, so you can defeat him without too much trouble. And if you're lucky, you may even learn the Beta Enemy Skill (go to Enemy Skill Guide for more info).

Once you've boosted Aeris' levels up, go back to Costa del Sol via Junon (same way you boarded the cargo ship the first time, except you don't need to put on a uniform). Then take the Buggy (or Tiny Bronco) over to the weapon seller, who lives in a house right across the river from the Gold Saucer. You can't miss it. Talk to him, and he'll let you open one of his two boxes. The large box just contains a regular item, so DO NOT OPEN IT!! There is a small box on the second floor which is attached to the wall. In it, you'll find Aeris' Great Gospel Limit Break!!

And that's about it!! Now whenever Aeris uses Great Gospel, your party will be fully healed of any lost HP, MP, and cured of any status effects, not to mention made temporarily invulnerable. This comes in especially handy during the fight with Demon's Gate in the Temple of Ancients.

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