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Hello all, and welcome to the Cartoon Charm Exchange NewsLetter.
Here you will find out who new members are each week, Birthdays for the month, Thank yous, and other stuff
The club started July 1.1999. and seem to be doing really well, I'm so glad everyone enjoys it.**Smile**
We are still in need of members. I have joined some Webrings, and Link exchange groups to hopefully bring in new members.
Please tell your friends

I am so sorry tghat I haven't updated this for awhile
As you all know we are now in The Site Fights
DMadd Hatters is our team, what a great team there are. LOOK
What DMaddd Hatter made for me.
I wrote this cheer in "Shout it Out" and They liked it *S* and put it in their Gossip page.
Click on the cheer to check it out.

A new contest:
We have another new contest "Mission Members" to learn more about it click on the link at the main page, Thank you Violet for making the contest and your great idea

The new members
We have 1 new member this week, Chat Kat

Lets give a big welcome
Thank you all for joining

Now for the Birthdays for the month of December's mine this month..*S* If you have a birthday coming up let me know, I also made a special birthday charm, for everyone when its your birthday.

Now for the Thank You's
I would like to thank Tweety Kat for giving me ideas on getting more members here, Blossom, for doing the same, Carly for helping me and making the banner, and Cyrstal Luna for making a banner. Great job..*S*.
Thank You, Thank You

Thats about all for now, if anyone has ideas for the club or for the newsletter, please e-mail me. Thank you all


Updated December 7, 1999