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Holloween Contest

Please help the peanuts find their missing pumpkins.

Hello everyone,
Welcome to "The Great Pumpkin Hunt" Contest.
In this contest the rules are simple,
just find the pumpkins
There will be a number on each pumpkin to keep track there are 10 pumpkins in all.
The pumpkins are hidden on different pages in the site and linked sites, you just have to look around.
I will give you your first one here on this page to get you started, when you have found them all E-Mail me and tell me where you found them, so keep track. *S*.
There will be a prize if you found all of them, there may be one or several winners.
The contest will end October 15,1999, so you will be able to show off your prize on your pages for Holloween.

Have fun on "The Great Pumpkin Hunt"

Here is your first pumpkin