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Sema's Drawings

"(Down on luck)Cat heart broken as him and dog stare into the stary night"

CATDOG.JPG- Here's one I drew with pp5

baseball.JPG-CatDog playing baseball! cool! I drew this cuz I am a fan of the cubs!!! go cubs go Sosa!

CatDog20.jpg-Heres a sketch I drew of CatDog 2 years ago its not that good but it was good then

CatDog23.jpg-Another sketch of CatDog....drew this one on the backside of my homework 2 years ago right after the first episod when dog and cat swing around the stop sign and dog goes "Ringer!"

Oddfellow.gif This is kinda a take off of "Saving Privite Ryan instead saving private oddfellow!
Evil.jpgI didn't draw this but I edited it with MS Paint LOL I think its goofy

CDWIND.jpgCatDog stadning in the wind

DAMHW.gifThe Newest Excuse in the book...we have all heard of "The Dog Ate my home-work" its goteen old....lets just leave out the "The" and you get "Dog ate my home-work"

8thgrade.jpgHeres one of CatDog in 8th grade!

bbcatdog.gifThis is a revison of the other CatDog playing baseball..much better

acd.gifyet another cross over...this time CD in the all dog go to heaven 2 pose! I love this one I drew it off the soundtrack cover

beachcomp.gifCat tryin to show off on the beach while dog sleeps..I drew this on paper first I am gonna upload that

mail.gifJust a little pic of CatDog getting mail for CDIA this pic is so cute!

GM.gifGot Milk? CAT DOES!

CDSTAR.gifCatDog and Star FTMB cute

Food.gifDog getting ready to eat a good doesn't look to apitized...

SCD.gifJust a pic of CatDog...

Cat.jpga little pic of cat...:)

1.gifCatDog on the titanic

dogww.gifDog in his "WereWolf Form" I was watchin this one when I drew it.

cdsw.gifA picture of Me--Cat---Dog--and winslow!

insane1.gifJust a little title for my web site....Sema locking the insane CatDog up hehe.

dream.gif This is my FAVORITE scene in Catdog I just had to draw it...this one is not that good cuz I drew it it like 11:00 at night..."you had the dream didn't you?"

twospotban.gifMy little two spot wearin a bandana!

OppositeWinds.gif This is dedicated to the members of the lion king forum I miss ya all!
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