Cherish All Things Good and Beautiful

We should everyday of our life cherish that which surrounds us. We should take in the beauty of the morning sun to the beauty of the midnight moon.

We should take time to enjoy the flowers in bloom or the leaves that fall around our feet or even the snow on the hill tops.

We should take time to pet a cat or a dog. We should take time to understand that there are homelss people and animals, think about what you can do to make their life better. We should feel blessed for all that we have and try to give back to the community.

We should love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING no matter what their race, their creed, their religious beliefs, their lifestyle, their life partner.

We should try and help everyone and everything that we see are in need and are hurting. Why? Because everything that is beautiful and good deserves as much of a chance at life as we do. Without us offering that chance we are not good and beautiful. Our life is nothign but a waste if we do not help to better others'.

If you stand by all of this, then I encourage you to join this webring.

Criteria to Join
  • Your site does not need to be about anything in particular you just have to believe the above creed.
  • Sites depicting any type of hate, abuse, or pornography are not admitted.
  • Sites that are not family or animal safe are not admitted.
  • Sites created by breeders or sites which promote breeding are not admitted.
  • Sites which promote the selling of animals, puppy mills or catteries are not admitted.
  • Sites that promote hunting are not be admitted.
  • Sites that have questionable content (any content *I* find offensive) are not admitted.

Think You're Ready to Join?
  • Save graphic below to your hard drive
    Do not link to my server, if you do you'll be deleted from the ring!

  • Fill out the application form, the html code will then be sent to you, make sure you insert your site id #
  • The code has to be placed on your site within 7 days!
  • After you have the code on your website email me at

      Application Form
      Make sure that you add the url to where the ring fragment will be!!

      Here is what your ring fragment should look like on your page:
      Cherish All Things Good and Beautiful
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      I Cherish All Things Good and Beautiful
      Please join me.

      Do not alter the code!

      The Nuzzled Network