~*~ The Tree of Love ~*~

The Tree of Love
by Ashley
for Andy [January 4 - September 4, 2003]
This feeling has burrowed itself
deep down inside:
down the long, winding roots
to my soul.
The branches left bare
for so many years
    Now shine a brillant green.

Just as a tree cannot grow
    without sunlight--
A soul cannot grow
    without love.
The sun burns bright
in the warm, fresh air
just as love
burns bright
    in your soul.

To say that my tree
has been cut down many times
would be a truth
    in itself.
But to say that a tree
has been planted each time
would be a truth
    less told.

Before a tree grows
a see must be planted
    and watered
    and cared for
each day.

To grow a substantial tree
one must have patience
to wait for the tree
    to chart its own path--
    to grow at a speed all its own.

A seed has been burrowed
deep down in my soul.
It has been showered with love
    burning bright within me--

The seed has been tended to
    with patience and care.
It's been given a chance
to take hold--
    Of a world never known to it--
    A feeling that never quits--
A tree that's beginning to grow...

    towards sunlight...
    inside of me...
    to love you...