From This Moment On

From This Moment On
by Ashley

I see him standing next to me
I feel so safe
I feel his touch
His warm embrace
I feel him deep within
Every bone in my body says
That this is meant to be
Everything's just perfect
Everything's just right
Everything just seems to stop
Right in front of my face
Everytime our lips touch
Sensations run through me
I feel so loved,
So warm,
So wanted
PLEASE don't ever end!
I look into his eyes
And I see nothing but fear
Fear of what's coming next
Fear of what's happening
A little boy all balled up
In a corner
He doesn't know what's coming
He doesn't need to know
Everything just runs its course
Seeming never to end
But life always ends
And so must this moment
Why can't a person go back
If they truly believe they can?
I'd relive that moment
Every day, again and again
If I could
The sensations running down my back
The warmth and care I felt
I could see straight to his heart
Through his tender words
And gentle eyes
That moment ended
And now it's dead
Never to be, again
All the warmth,
And love,
And needs,
Have all but disappeared
Those sensations down my spine
Have stopped running their course
Nature took a funny twist
And made that moment seem endless
But when we snapped to reality
We realized that things weren't going just right
Things that we thought would never happen
"Nothing will ever come between us"
"Nothing will ever happen"
Nothing seemed to be going wrong
Until that dreaded day
I knew that things weren't as usual
I knew that this was coming
I pushed it back
Deep in my mind
And didn't listen to it for days
And then I realized, that this was true
These feelings that I had
I couldn't live in passion anymore
I had to listen to my head, for once
And I found out that the end was near
I told him how I was feeling
I told him what I thought
I told him everything that I had been thinking
And it just all came out
In a flood of great many words
The next day
The dreaded day
The moment that we had shared
Was finally coming to an end
6 months of love
And warmth; compassion
6 months of care and needs
6 wonderful months was all that lasted
All that lasts in my memory now
Bittersweet memories are all I have
Sour is the taste we call "LIFE"