~*~ ... and I Am Stronger ~*~

...and I Am Stronger
by Ashley
*If you read this poem, and think deeply while you are, you will see that hidden
inside of it is the story of the crucifixion*

They used to cut me down
Like big old redwood trees
They slaughtered all my hopes--
my dreams
Like serial killers at night
They crushed my words--
my thoughts
Like stepping on a spider

They ground into me
all imperfections
Like stubbing out a cigarette
They cracked down all my barriers
And they fell
Like the Berlin Wall
They shot down every mistake I made
Like it was target practice

They tore me into little bits
Like an unwanted note
They left me on the road to die
A cold and hungry death
They are the one’s
Who butchered me--
tied me up and left

So there I hang
and wait for them
to return and let me down

But when they come
I will be free
and standing
on two grounded feet
stronger than 1,000 men!