~*~ Marionette ~*~

by Ashley

Pull my strings
C'mon! I dare you
pull it hard--
like my hair.

You felt big
didn't you?
Taking advantage of my position
when no one could witness
my murder.

Yeah, that's right
you killed me
I twisted
and turned
(what a fight it was!)
and you thought
you won.

But you know what scares you?
You can't control me!
And only the weak
fight the meek
Only the weak
turn to violence.

"He'll never touch you"
(Ha! I knew better.)
"He'll never hurt you"
(Why didn't they listen?)

I knew your rage--
learned your hands well
and now my lessons
have been taught on a

C'mon! I dare you!
Hit me again.
You'll feel like a "man"
won't you?

Don't try to hug me
and say you're sorry.
Don't come near me
Don't TOUCH!

My body is mine
and you don't posess it
Don't try to control
Cause' you can't handle

You're such an
why did you hit me?
I was vulnerable
and couldn't "flight"
I had to resort
to "fight"

I'm the burning reminder
of your weakness.
You're my reminder
(I'll never forget!)
of my true

I'm stronger than you -- Does that scare you?