Live For Today; Seize Tomorrow

"Live For Today; Seize Tomorrow"
by Ashley

The future is my past
The past is my future
Today is in the middle
Today has no beginning or end
Today runs against me in the race of life
And I have yet to win.

I wish I could push back the past
And let it drive on home
And if I could see my future
I'd invite it to come on over

I thought I knew
what my life would be like
I thought I knew
what I'd be
But recently, a lot of my past
has seemed to have become Today,
and I don't know what to make of it.

If pain could erase
If words could be taken back
I'd do each of those
as soon as I could.

Pain caused on me
Pain caused by me
All come back to my today.

People have told me
to live for tomorrow
and to seize today
But how can I seize Today
And live for Tomorrow
When I can't even see past Yesterday?

Why can't I seize Tomorrow,
and live for Today?
Why can't I make things backwards?
It's not as if someone said,
"Do it this way, or die."
But for some reason,
everyone still does things
the same way.

Why not be different, Today,
and not regret it Tomorrow?

I want to be my own person
And most of the time, it's okay
But still, being my own person
Won't let me see past Yesterday.

Why won't my doors open?
Why must they stay shut?
Why can't anyone get past them?
Does anyone have a key?

You'd think that the person
In charge of this mind
Would also hold a key.
But long ago, she lost it
Can anyone conquer me?

I thought that I had found someone
To help me live each day
But it's been so long and now
All those opened doors are closing.

Those, of few, who read this
May never understand.
But those who do not see this,
Are those who shut my doors.
Those people who made life so hard.
Those people whom I hate.
Those people who made it hard for me
To face each day and day.

Thanks to those who did such things,
Now I can't see past Yesterday
living on, for Tomorrow
and seizing Today.

The past of Tomorrow
The future of Today.
If someone could tell me
which path to take
I would surely take it.

My Tomorrow is Today,
My Today is Yesterday.
Oh why is everything so confusing?
They all have a meaning
Something or other
But if I knew where to begin
I might never finish.

There's something about the Tomorrow of Today;
Something rather disturbing.
It's almost as if you think of Today,
But really see Tomorrow.
And in seeing Today,
you think of the day before.
I can't explain it,
and you're probably confused
As so I, the writer.
Please try to understand,
and always do this one thing...

Live for Today; Seize Tomorrow