~*~ How Can You Know? ~*~

How Can You Know?
by Ashley

If I had a nickle
for every time they said
"You're too young to know
what you want."
I'd be oh so rich
But when I retaliate
and tell them they're
I'd be sure to go
and lose all that
mattered most.
See, I DO know what
I want from life
I DO know what I
I'm walking down
my future's path
head held high
eyes on my goal.
I'm not likely to go astray
now, because I know
what I want
I'm not a fortune machine
so don't pay me
to tell you my future.
I'm bound to go broke
because I won't tell you
what you want to hear
Because who are you
to tell me
what my future is?

You don't know!