~*~ A Kid Worth Keeping ~*~

A Kid Worth Keeping
by Ashley
For John

Love me tender
or love me none.
I don't enjoy fighting
I don't find it fun.

When it comes time to see
your eyes:
I'll get lost in them--
How can it be?
that you have stayed
with me so long?
I can't believe that nothing
has gone wrong.

Sometimes I want to just
turn away
and leave emotionless
with nothing to say.
But then I realize
just what you mean--
a man whom I am
proud to be seen

you I will remain
and try to keep
from going insane.

Things may come
and things will pass
I'm not going to say
that it will always
be fast.
But giving up on you
is not an option
I would defeat the purpose
of being relation.

I'm not going to say
it'll last forever
and I won't say
it'll be over tomorrow.

Live each day
for the next to come
that's all I ask
which isn't much.

We make a good couple--
envied by some.
I look forward to growing
and learning from this;
and if there's one thing to say
or for you to know
I would have to say
that it is this:

You are mine
and that's how it is
And I'm proud to say
"Yes, I am his"
I trust in you
and on your word,
I'll never doubt you--
that'd be absurd.

My feelings for you are
beyond compare.
This one phrase
I'd like to share:

I love you.