~*~ FOREVER Frightened ~*~

FOREVER Frightened
by Ashley
Written for Tim (4/1/00-5/22/00)

I'm scared
about how fast you came
and saved my broken heart
I'm scared
that I will lose you
when we're so far apart
I'm scared
about how much I care
for just a mere stranger
I'm scared
how much fun I have
when I am ever with you
I'm scared
how happy my life is
like I've never been before
I'm scared
how I can just think of you
and a grin can cross my face
I'm scared
how safe I feel
when you wrap your arms around me
I'm scared
how just one person
could mean so much to me
I'm scared
how I can imagine
you and me being together
is such a strong word
means so long
will I love you
and that scares me most of all.

© AMP, 2002