~*~ Flirt ~*~

by Ashley

She quietly sang
her beauteous melody
as she pursed her rose fallen lips
She fluttered her long lashes
as a hummingbird by flowers
Her crystal eyes
scanned him
and caught him in their view
He stopped and seemed as if a rock
Not able to move his legs
Unable to break free
of her glorious gaze
that held him in her chamber
She graced the floor
as if on clouds
She moved with angelic presence
Her skin glowed bright
and dewy
and pale
never touched by the sun
The deep green velvet
set off her amber jewels
placed perfectly on her face
Those amulets that held him still
Her voice echoed a most wonderful sound
Her laugh like tinkling bells
Her fingers are delicate as French lace
brushed by his scruffy chin
as she touched with feather tips
he fell more for her
He knew that she must be an angel
For she was like none other seen
Graced by her presence
He kissed the roses
and her cheeks as smooth as silk.

© AMP, 2002