~*~ Til' then, ENCORE! ~*~

Til' then, ENCORE!
by Ashley
for John
July 30, 2001-Nov. 29, 2002

Chicago's calling
the curtain--
on the stage that's become
my heart.

A muscle of life
an actor of death
a performance of pain
and strife.

You are my suspenseful
and foreshadowing
the sound that gives
the whole thing away
and to this day
I have given you
all that is in my script.

I see through your eyes
I feel through your fingertips
I thrive off of the energy
of love you give me
You breathe life into me

The audience is rising
to leave this room
that has been flooded
with tears--
bowled over with laughter.

The audience is rising
to applaud our accomplishments
to acknowledge our lives--
our Love.

I love you
and wish you
"be on your way"
with knowing that you'll be back
some day.

Til then, I know
the curtain will fall
on the empty stage
of my heart.

© AMP, 2002