~*~ Confused? ~*~

by Ashley

Your words leave me breathless--
They wear me out
Your looks shoot me down--
They throw darts
Will you ever understand
How I feel?

I'm tired--
For I'm weary
I'm sad--
For I'm confused
The definition for "life"
Is not "easy"
But must you make it
More difficult!?

I know you're scared--
For I'm frightened too--
Frightened of what the world
Might do to me
I know you're confused--
For I know not what--
Know not what "they"
Are expecting of me

Maybe the definition of "love"
Should be "hard"
Perhaps it should be
"a game"
It messes with your mind--
Your heart moreso--
And no one has ever conquered it

Confusion, as you may see
Can not be overcome
But don't mess with it--
For once disrupted...

© AMP, 2002