Confessions Of A Question

Confessions Of A Question
by Ashley

Confessions of a sinner
Confessions of a saint
Confessions of a tax collector
Confessions of a priest
Confessions of so many people
at the same time,
around the world.
Does the higher being hear them all
and take them in His strife?
Does he take each one and help you
live your life?
Can anyone understand the next?
Can anyone answer me?
Why must children ask such questions
that seem no answer be?
Questions that have no answer
But one made up, do we
Confessions of the great speaker
Confessions of the poor
We all must confess to ourselves
some time
that our lives are just a lie
Murder to a fellow student
Threats to the next
All are words that have no meaning
But actions that do harm
Many people confess to Him
the things they have done wrong
But what meaning does all this have
on the impact of our lives?
Why must answerless questions be
asked to the ones that don't know what?
We have no reason on this earth
than to live each day as before
But not ask too many questions
that have no reason to be asked
If there's one thing learned from all of this
is to confess what's wrong
but not to question much.

© AMP, 2002