~*~ All I Can't Say ~*~

All I Can't Say
by Nina Yocco
From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul Series: On Relationships by Kimberly Kirberger

There's so many words I can't say
when I look into your eyes.

Maybe you'll reject me
and shatter all my pride.

Each day my love grows stronger
but I won't let you know.

There's way too much behind my smile
that I can never show.

I'd hold you for a lifetime
if you would take my hand.

I'd love you like no other
but you don't understand.

Every time I see you
you're holding on to her.

The pain cuts like a dagger
making wounds that never cure.

So I'll dream of us together--
of how good it could be.

And I will keep the secret love
you could have had with me.