~*~ Love ~*~

by Ashley

Love should always go
the way you want it to.
The right person,
the right place.
Maybe even the right time.
The first kiss.
The first dance.
You'll grow closer and closer, still.
When the time comes,
You'll never leave that person.
You'll never lose that moment.

L-Listen well.
O-Other first.
V-Visit King.
E-Enjoy each other.

Enjoy each other, day by day.
On your own again, you'll despise.
To feel complete.
To feel as one.
The feeling is so good.
To love is to see.
To see is to open your soul.
To open your soul is to see the world.
You see the world through each other's eyes.
You know what the other feels.
The connection is there.
The moment is right.
You know that this'll last.
So take the plunge,
and do what you feel,
and never, EVER, regret it.

© AMP, 2002