Dead Roses

Once upon a 1992, four young guys decided to start a band just for fun they were Ben Gillies, Daniel Johns, Tobin Finnane, and Chris Joannou. They mucked around in Ben's garage until one day Tobin went on vacation with his family to England. During the time while Tobin was away, one of Daniel's neighbours told them about the Nomad "Pick Me" contest that had a grand prize of spending a day at the Triple J studios, recording a profesional version of their demo, a music video, and some money. So out of bordem, then known as the Innocent Criminals: Ben, Chris and Daniel sent in the demo of their song called "Tomorrow". It won frist place. They won first place and were shortley there after signed to Murmur(a Australian branch of Sony/Epic) records changed there name to silverchair, made a CD called "Frogstomp. And you know what happend affter that.

This is a page I created for other silverchair fans, by a silverchair fan, about two years ago, it's nothing much, but it's just a little place, where you can find out info, read reviews and interviews, and get some pics of the guys in silverchair,and feel free to email me about joining my silverchair mailing list! Hope you like this page, and don't forget to sign the guest book!















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WARNING: I am not the members of silverchair, nor am I part of their management. I am a just devoted fan. If you would like to find out more about me, go to my homepage UBL