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TunnelVision MotorSports

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Commodore Jim Pavesic

Unlimited Outboard Racing Association, presented by TunnelVision MotorSports.

Unlimited Outboard Racing (UOR) is a professional organization holding membership in the American Power Boat Association (APBA). Working under the sanctioning banner of the APBA, UOR and TunnelVision MotorSports, Inc. (TVMS) produce quality outboard power boat racing events. Join us at a race this summer to enjoy the "Indy Cars On Water".


The evolutionary development of powerboat racing is strikingly similar to that of NASCAR and INDYCAR auto racing. The FORMULA ONE TUNNELBOAT even resembles an Indy car in general appearance. Exactly the same marketing components, demographic consumer groups, racing imagery and sponsor benefits are available. There is however, one significant difference - cost. Sponsors can realize marketing benefits associated with tunnelboat racing at a fraction of the auto racing costs. Tunnelboat racing features the most popular and powerful classes in outboard racing in one of the most spectacular forms of professional competition available anywhere in the world today. The sport attracts only the worlds most skilled drivers that are capable of handling 1050 pound powerboats which accelerate from 0-100 MPH in under 5 seconds and consistantly reach speeds of 140 MPH in the straight-away. The most amazing aspect of the F1 boat is its ability to turn Sharper & Faster than any other race vehicle in the world, pulling 4 G's on a driver in each turn!

Due to the sharp turning capabilities of the boats, race courses need not be greater than 100 feet wide and no more than 3/4 mile in circumference. The unique course dimensions allow F1 boat racing to be conducted in highly populated, high exposure, metropolitian areas. This creates a festive, picnic type atmosphere for the spectator within full view of the entire event. This has also provided the opportunity for major corporate exposure before, during, and after the event through the ease of television and other media coverage. All races are sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association APBA, the recognized authority in the United States for the Union of International Motorboating UIM, the world sanctioning authority located in Belgium. In the multi-day event format, all preliminary heats and time trials are run on the first day, building up to the finals. Schedules are set so the fans enjoy a variety of boat races, but in rapid-fire succession to allow a quick, tight schedule of exciting action. The race begins from a standing start along the Pit Dock in the same manner that made LeMans such a world famous event. Seconds before the race, all is quiet as eager drivers tensely await the signal. The flag drops and spectators are on their feet that moment until the checkered flag announces the WINNER!

UOR provides complete race packeges, from event conception to implimentation. If you would like to host/sponsor a boatrace either as a city wide festival event or as a corporate promotional event, a representative will travel to your venue to layout all requirements for conducting the event and supply you with all required information on promoting and organizing a race. Races have proven to be very sucessful corporate promotional opportunities and past races have developed over 10 million dollars in economic impact per race for each race venue metropolitian area. Costs are added for additional racing classes, logistic requirements, and the location of your venue. Once a spectator views a 140 MPH Tunnelboat float across the water and slam into a hard 4 G turn, they don't believe their eyes! Please contact Unlimited Outboard Racing Commodore Jim Pavesic at TunnelVision (847) 338-9068 for further information on bringing this exciting sport to your city.


$7 each + $3 S&H.

They make great crew shirts & gifts.


*Manual Up/Down centersection, gearcase with less than 6 races from Brand New (all races were SST-120 power only), cover & pan, steering bars, Brand New Ram & bracket. $4,200. (847) 338-9068.

* Capsule, never damaged, Klepadlo design & Manufactured, ready to bolt into any tunnel or drag boat. Perfect fit for Formula V boats. $400. (847) 338-9068.



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