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Pokemon and Pokegod page!

Thank You for visiting my pokemon Site! (-: 3/10 This site is under new owner ship. The old owner got so mad at me he gave the site to me if I go away.I will be adding more on to the page. Now for the page.It is recommended you know some information about Pokemon before you read anything on this site Wow! What a great year for pokemon! , the release of Red and Blue versions in America , and now the reports of the new Pokemon Games : Yellow , Green , Silver and Gold! Not to mention Pokemon Stadium , Pokemon : Snap , and Pikachu Denki Denchu , which basically means Pikachu Fellin' fine . As I was when I first heard of those new games I Wanted info! Well here you go! The new pokemon will most likely be , when I say most likely be I mean subject to change : #152 - Houou - The Bird Ash Saw In The First Episode. #153 - Togepi - This Pokemon Comes From The Egg Ash Finds In The Episode ATTACK OF THE PREHISTORIC POKEMON. *#154 - Pikablu ( Mariru ) - A marine-blu pikachu , the * next to it's number means it evolves from a pokemon from the older versions) #155 - Tyranticus - ??? #156 - Primator - ??? #157 - Doomsay - ??? #158 - Doomsday - ??? #159 - Psyke - ??? #160 - Wizwar - ??? *#161 - NidoGod - ??? #??? - Happa - A pokemon you recieve from Prof . Oak #??? - Honoguma - A pokemon you recieve from Oak #??? - Kurusu - A pokemon you recieve from Oak #??? - Rediba - Looks like a Ladybug #??? - Buru - A PINK Bulldog?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??? #??? - Donfan - Looks like a elephant #??? - Denryu - Looks like a standing up Giraffe #??? - Yadokingu - Looks like a slowbro with armor For a link just click the summary of that site (^o.o^) I went to The pokemon mall tour today (Sunday 18th May, 1999) it was alot of fun I beat tons of other trainers (in the card game and the gameboy game) and got these pokemon cards... 1)Mew (Japanese) 2)Kabuto (Japanese) 3)Kabutops (Japanese) 4)Riachu (Japanese) 5)Riachu (American) And Im selling POKEMON GAMES for the PC Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow for $50 I bought them thinking they were for the gameboy over the internet and the person wont give me my money back! Their adress is so be warned do not do buisness with them!! To be added to my WEB RING please email me using the link below or at the email adress : If you can tell me What Marty McFly threatens his past version of his father with and what he says in BACK TO THE FUTURE ! PART I you could become co-owner of this site or one of many other pizes could be yours! My Favorite Web Sites

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