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Tommy "Two Face" Miklavic

Two Face's AGC Corner from LL 1044 explaining all he knows about Contracts and their servicing.
And we resent the use of the word "Corner" for his report!

Silent Long Enough!

The editors of The Corner have been silent long enough! We can no longer tolerate lies and misdirection! "Two- Face", for once give the people what they want and deserve, a straight answer!
People want to know what has become of grievances. You tell us, "We are going to arbitrate them.". Technically that may be correct, but you forgot to tell your constituents exactly when you plan on arbitrating them. Are we waiting on Y3K because so far, you ain't done squat! All Fleet Service has seen out of you is the possible addition of $60.60 to the hourly wage for ALL of Fleet Service in the name of 60 new Lead Agent positions in some of the smaller cities. While I agree that these agents should be led by qualified Lead Agents, I strongly believe that these should be new jobs and not just the act of "painting names on a door and handing out titles" to appease a few stations. I am utterly ashamed at the rhetoric that has come from the AGC group in general and from you specifically!
To borrow a quote, Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way! I vote for you to pick the last choice!