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Born on: February 4, 1999

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"The Rat"

It is now time to vote the bums out. Send in your absentee ballot or go to the polls! If you don't vote, you have no one to blame but yourself.

July 25th, 2002 update---
The new Members 141 Team train is picking up steam.
Employees of United and US Airways are getting behind the new Leadership Team in the upcoming August elections. And the current regime is getting nervous and scared. They are now trying a smear campaign and it is turning out badly. As some of you from US Airways already know, the current "College of Cardinals" are good at trying to place fear into the hearts of the Union membership. Well folks, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Instead of trying to salvage what little dignity they have left and trying to help the members during their final days in office, they are getting on top of the mountain and telling the world how great the are.
If they were doing such a good job we would not be trying to vote these shmucks out of office. We would be behind them 100%. Unfortunately this group of "Keystone Kops" have spent the last 18 years sitting on their collective asses instead of doing for their jobs.

March 11th, 2002 update---
As the question above asks, do you know who your current AGC is?
Nashville? Any idea? No, it is not who you think.
It is Bill Lowe, from United!
Phoenix? Ira Levy, from United!
Norfolk? Ted Trynock, from United!

These are not the only cities being represented by AGC's from United. There are 39 cities at 29 locals presently being "serviced" by former United employees. How many US Airways cities are being "serviced" by former US Airways employees? 23 at 14 different locals. Why do the employees of US Airways sometimes feel like redheaded stepchildren? I don't know, maybe because we are being treated like them!

Quoted from October 1999 Reader's Digest Points to Ponder.
Larry Bossidy, CEO of AlliedSignal Inc.: I've never seen a company that was able to satisfy its customers which did not also satisfy its employees. Your employees will treat your customers no better than you treat your employees.

Mr. Bossidy's words should have meaning to both our Company and our Union. If your treat your employees with respect, then your employees will treat your customers with respect. So far, neither of them has shown Fleet Service ANY respect at all.

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