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Billy "Geppetto" Chandlee

Love Potion #9?

Mr. Chandlee, at the PHL ratification meeting that was a little over one year ago you told your loyal followers that, (paraphrasing) "Fleet Service is bleeding and we need a doctor, well the doctor turned out to be a witch doctor. ". Now Billy you have become the head Shaman of the Medicine Men we received from the Union. You were to be the Savior, and turned out to be Judas.

Billy, this isn't a case of "What have you done for me lately?" it is a case of "What have you done for me at all?" You told the people that you were on the team to "Save Catering". Did you? Ask the people of PIT that lost their catering jobs and had to go back to the ramp. Ask why PIT local management thinks that Fleet Service is a group to be walked on! Ask anyone in Fleet Service anywhere why their own local management groups are thrilled with this contract. Why are they thrilled? Because this is the first labor contract EVER to contain language protecting management rights!

If only this contract protected us in some way, shape or form. Too bad we weren't able to get rid of the witch doctor, we just got a new one.