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Updated Thursday July 25th, 2002

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Subj: How is the Members 141 Team different from the current leadership?
Date: 7/1/2002
From: Dave in Denver (UAL)

I have seen the literature and the website and I don't see any difference in this group over the people currently in charge. Is there a difference? And why do these people think they can make things better?

Good questions! Yes, there most definately is a difference. The current "regime" has not been held accountable to the membership in years. There has not been an election of this magnitude in 18 years and the "leadership" has forgotten who they work for. They are currently working for their own means, whereas the Members 141 Team wants to work for you, the member. If you elect them and they don't do the job, they know that you can just as easily kick them out of the jobs just as quickly. Accountability is the key. When is the last time you saw your AGC? Being in DEN you might see one fairly often, but most of the membership only sees these people once a year, if they have ever seen them. I would bet that most member could not pick out an AGC from sight in a crowd of two.

Subj: Experience...
Date: 6/30/2002
From: Hawkeye

This ‘Members Team’ ain;t seen what the ceo’s are all about. These guys are gona get us all screwed. They probabley can’t even read there contracts, let alone inforce them!

Nice typing Hawkeye!
Not only can they read the contracts, a couple of them helped negotiate the new contract at United. Mark Connolly and Ruth Bolderoff were both on the negotiating team for the union. The current group got the membership no pay raises since 1994, the pre-giveback contract negotiated in part by Ruth and Mark got huge pay increases as well as some great work rule changes that actually help the membership.
The current group for US Airways has screwed up more grievances than you can shake a stick at. The company denies obvious winners at lower levels just so they can deal with some putz at the top of the US Airways food chain. Unfortunately for the membership, the obvious winners become losers in their hands!



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