Site's of the Month
These are the sites who previousily won our award. When you win our award you become our site of the month. I provide a direct link to your page and we say why you were chosen.

I decided to do this because there are a lot of great sites out there and they deserve recognition. Believe me no one has a webpage without having to work A LOT!

Note:I only post banners for previous winners please don't send me your banner!

March, 2000: This month's SIM is a treat for any Sweet Valley Fan! The Graphics are fantastic and the information is always up to date & original! If You love Junior High Than Check This Site Out! It's one of my faves.

Ger-Gal Won!

Feb, 2000:The winner was SVHSY News! This Site is great with a very original layout! Plus interviews and even it's own club! It's a great site so be sure to check it out by clicking on the banner!

January 2000: SVH SY Online and here's why:
She has SVH book covers from other countries like France, Germany etc!
Also a section on what the character are wearing! Trust me there is a lot to do and see! So what are you waiting for Click here to experience SVY SY Online!

December 1999: This page is updated a couple times a week! She has a section On Jr High and University! Her Site has Music and Polls. She also takes the time to write out the journal entries! So Click here and go to Katie's Great Sweet Valley Page!

November 1999: This page is updated a couple times a week! I love her Make a Mistake Page! Here she points out some of Francine's mistakes in the senior year series! I also love her NEW families section. There is so much to do and see I'd be here forever is I wrote it all! So click on the banner below to visit this site! Thanks to Lily the awesome webmaster!
Click on the banner to go to her site!

October 1999: The Ultimate SVH Senior Year Website! was our winner
and here's why: Not only is the organization great but I love the the feel of the page! I also love the Fan spotlight and the obvious love that the webmaster has for SVH. This month features include Character of The Month : Jeremey Aames and a bunch of other exclusives you'll only find there!You've got to go there Click here To go to the Ultimate SVH Senior Year. Thanks So much to Steph the awesome webmaster for making such a great page!

September 1999: This was our first winner. This page is truly fantastic. It has a secton on DC, plus quizes, great fanfiction and it looks great too. One of my faves. If I were you I'd book mark it now! Of course I'm taking about Sweet valley the Website. The link is below. Enjoy.. and Thanks to Jill the awesome webmaster!