Thanks everyone!

Well when you own a site for almost a year (In April! Yeah!) you find that you've met a lot of people through the net! I am no exception. Here is a list of people who have helped me out or inspired me!
These Thank You's are NO in particular order they are just as they popped in my head! If A person has a site there name is linked to it!

Thank you To Jessica,Sammie, Steph, Satomi, Ger Gal & David for answering for questions about animated banners!

Thank you to Lily and Steph for in cluding me in there anniversary celebration. I was truly honored!

Thank you to Jill for letting me link to her board. So it's got problems. Big Deal! We all do. It's still one of the most visited boards on the web. So Thanks :)

Thank You To Katie for making me a banner and for always helping me if I need it. there aren't that many helpful webmaster out there but she's one of them!

Thank You To Sammie, Nina & Sammy for sending me there awesome fanfiction even though I drag to post it up sometimes!

Thank you To Jessica. When I first stumbled upon Nothing But SV it was amazing! Her site truly inspired me to make one of my own!

Thanks again to Lily for her amazing orginal fanfiction and for letting me use it in the book club.

Thank You to Mrs. Levy (my work study boss) for always letting me use me time at "work" to work on my webpage!

Thanks you to everyone who has filled out a survey, form, link application, SIM form, Rants and Raves form or any other form! Your input helps me try to make this site better!

Thanks to anyone who has every e-mailed me to comment on the site!

Thank You to that FINE guy at the book store who was by the young adult books! With out you I may never have discovered Senior Year!

Thank You to Francine Pascal for creating Senior Year and making it realistic (sort of)

Thanks to everone in the This is senior year Club! I used to have time to post a message but now....
It's hectic but I love reading your comments!

Thank You to everyone who gave this site an award!

If I left anyone out! Sorry, Be sure to send me an angry e-mail and I'll be sure to include your name :)

A special Thanks to YOU who took the time to read this page! God Bless & Remember Keep It Sweet!
Love Ya,