The Pic Of The Week

My Pic Of the Week is different! Every week there will be a a different Pic. Not just screen shots either but collage's of Sweet Valley! Also you can submit things as well! Do you want your pic to be pic of the week. Just send it my way through e-mail as an attachment. Do you want to draw a twin, or Andy? Here's ur chance to have ur original artwork on the web! Thanks so much to Nina P For the idea!

Just a Note

New Pic's will be posted every Tuesday!

Liz & Jessica are pretty scared!
This Weeks Picture of The Week!

Remember when William White first showed up at SVU? He sure was obsessed with Liz.

What you don't remember this pic outta jog your memory!

A nice picture of the University Twins!
Last Weeks Picture of the Week

Okay this isn't my best Pic of the week but I put up last weeks really late so that's why this one is so plain!

My favorite twin for all three Sweet Valley Series is Jessica! Who's Yours?

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